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Jon David and LPD investigation

I hope everyone realizes that our DA has to have proof of crimminal activities and have persons willing to testify to said activities before he can start any kind of case. He is a fine person, and just because he can't jump when people expect him to, LA residents must be patient and let justice work. And you are right, Tim Jayne should be have already been fired or he should have already stepped down and away from Leland...far, far, away.But who is going to fire him? Surely, you dont't think Bill Farris would. He is too much of a crook himself.Jayne has shamed the PD along with the other 3 power hunger disgraceful bozos under his command title. I was always taught to "treat others as you would want to be treated." This gangof4 has made a game out of how to demoralize younger officers or any other officer they may themselves feel threatened by. A Lt. who sleeps with another ofcrs wife while that ofcr is away serving his country, how dang low and sorry can he be. Or the ofcr who likes to have sex in the towns vehicle while on duty, not just once, but numerous times over the past couple of years, which the gangof4 have tried to kept swept under the rug. He, too, should be swept out the front door along with the gangof4. If a person has no respect for themselves, then surely they show no respect to or for others.


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