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Just when I thought people couldn't possibly sink any lower, I am proven wrong yet again. What in the hell does the car someone drives have to do with anything? It seems to me like you are either a jealous individual, or someone who has entirely too much time on their hands, or perhaps a little bit of both? Unless you are God himself, EVERYONE is going to have a skeleton or two in their closet. Noone is perfect and to attack the families of these Officers and to go as far as depicting physical traits is just plain ignorant. Incase you haven't noticed, Leland isn't known for its beauty queens and looks have nothing to do with the quality of a person. I feel terrible for these families and Officers. As if it wasn't hard enough of an occupation to deal with, now all of this crap has been stirred up all because of a select few individuals who have nothing better to do than run their mouths. How about growing up and showing a little respect? Am I saying that no wrong was done within the Department at some point in time? The answer is no, I have no way of justifying this either way. But letting one or two bad apples ruin the whole bunch is less than fair.


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