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help me out, how do you distinquish between tax paying citizens who have an opinion, and people who have been charge and convicted of crime. Are you saying that everyone who has an opinion has a criminal history and should have no opinion or that anyone who has an opinion has a criminal past.

Your comments are very typical of "stereo typing" if you have evidence that little johnnys relatives are on here and if you can prove that little johnnys all over the world are messaged by all of thier friends and family in that manner, then yes that would make sense.

But here is what we know someone was compesated for an issue that took place some little Johnnys shot another officer in a private area, and those little Johnnys were police officers.

So I can assume based on your theory that all police officers are a problem and thier family members have no credibility. AHH those poor little JOHNNYs..


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