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Big lies and tall tales

This is a perfect example of why people dislike u. All these fairytales u spin. How did the people at the restaurant and the hotel both in Carolina Bch know that you are a leo for Leland? Did they instantly know who u were when u walked in? U mean u blew ur cover for a little glory? A free piece of steak? Ur not a vip. Ur not famous. Ur not popular. Or 'sexy'U brag alllllllllllll the time about everything. Stuff you get for free as a leo. Discounts. Special Treatment. Are you in it for the free food or what? What's the point in that and then hitting the gym? Ur not a competition body bldr either. Can someone plz call this restaurant and hotel and verify whether or not free stuff was given out in support of Leland Police? Then can his salary and military service record also be checked? Can't expect to be given respect when u steal valor. U can't even do ur own school wrk. I'll tell you what this has to do with anything. It's about character and it is about the quality of a person. I think what the other person was trying to say is that its hard to be sorry for someone who is so mentally unstable and is at risk for losing their job when they claim to be so financially stable. Its too late for a psych eval. at this point. Speaking of late, if u and the wife okay, why u on here @ 1:53 AM? I wouldn't be if I had that free suite and all.

......Over n out.


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