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We are all one pay check away from being homeless, well those of us who make it week to week anyhow!

Mr. big shot who thinks all homeless are drunks, druggies or mentally ill must not be paying attention. There are many families with children homeless. Where do you think THEY went when they lost jobs and their houses forclosed on???

Get off your high horse and show compassion. When I see a homeless person needing help--IF I have a few extra dollars I hand it to them. Novel idea----help someone without your pre conceived idea they are going to spend the money on alcohol or drugs. What if they do? well, you most likely won't give them more then $5.00 so what difference does it make if it gets them through the night in comfort? Maybe the person really is hungry or a father trying to get enough to feed his kids in the woods huddled in the box a loaf of bread and some water to keep them alive.


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