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Yet again, I read emotions in lieu of logic

First, the concept that "we are all one paycheck away from homelessness" has been de-bunked by several reputable news organizations. Most people have savings, investments, or some fall-back plan.

Second, if they are homeless with children, it begs the question of why they were having children when they were obviously financially incapable of providing for them? Whoa! Here's a novel idea! Make sure that you are settled and financially secure before you have kids! If you're a high-school dropout working at a fast-food restaurant, what in the world are you doing having kids?

Third, if you think that handing a few bucks to a homeless person who then uses it to buy booze or drugs helps them in any way, I can only assume that you're one of the urine-soaked winos using a public computer at the library. DSS will not let kids live in a box in the woods, so maybe dad should hand them over to foster care?

As I've said before, I support several charities that care for the TRULY deserving - people who had no way to prevent their fate in life. That doesn't include the homeless. I'm not funding their next bottle of Wild Irish Rose or their next rock.


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