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You all misinterpret fact as "being mean"

Nowhere did I say, "Don't help the homeless."

What I said was that if you're not addressing their substance abuse or mental illness, you're not doing much good.

Oh, there's no harm in giving one a pair of gloves or a blanket....even though it may get him killed when a bigger, healthier homeless guy decides he wants them.....and you can certainly feed them and give them water, as another poster suggested.

Unless you are doing something to get at the root cause of each individual's problem, however, you're accomplishing very little. Most are addicted, many are nuts, and some simply enjoy the lifestyle. (No bills, no responsibilities, no one telling you what you have to do) Pick any chronic homeless person and you'll likely find a blend of all three issues. No two stories are the same.

The governmnet has neither the obligation nor money to save them. So if you want to let one sleep on your porch on a rainy night, you're a nice person. If you give one a few bucks, you're an idiot because you are re-fueling the very problem that made him (or her) homeless.


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