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W-R-O-N-G, when you said:

"When I see a homeless person needing help--IF I have a few extra dollars I hand it to them."

Every single professional who REALLY know homeless individuals, and there are many who do, I among them, will tell you that you should NEVER Give money to them. It disables the outreach workers ability to COMPETE WITH YOU!
A few dollars?

You do not know this, (I can tell)...but the 'vagabond' is messin' with you. He (mostly male) makes $100-$200 dollars a day...sitting, looking pathetic. He IS NOT a typical homeless person. He is a scam artist and would rob you if given the opportunity. THEY INDEED do LOVE their lifestyle. LOCK YOUR CAR for sure.
Inside information is that Black people and Mexicans are the most generous to them, as they have told us many times.Whites in Mercedes and Beamers never give! S-M-A-R-T!!!
What else do you want to KNOW, Instead of ACTING like you know?

There are 40 to 50 agencies in New Hanover that aid these folks whom we all care about. I care ABOUT THEM, but they cannot be painted with a broad brush. THERE are FACTS that WE KNOW as social scientists.

The facts are that a very high per-centage of our area homeless community is a result of MENTAL ILLNESS. SUBSTANCE ABUSE. Same with the National statistics. That is not a "discount", that is a FACT.
The types of mental illness that lead to homelessness are primarily schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder, if the person does not stay on their medications. Most cannot afford them, due to bouts of unemployment, quite often, as a result of their illness.

Veterans are an entirely DIFFERENT Story. Many who were in 'Nam suffer from PTSD, and debilitating health disorders as a result of Agent Orange, Agent Purple, Agent White.
Iraq and Afganistan veterans are coming home and we have only seen the TIP of the ICEBERG with their PTSD and brain truama issues. We better be ready, but we are NOT. Thus, the HOMELESS DEBATE will go on and on and on.

I also do not believe the Government is responsible for their care, coordination and recovery. I LOVE THE Church group that is "walking the walk and talking the talk." They are doing MORE than showing up for warm and cozy Mass or Church service once a week.
MORE Churches and 'righteous' COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS like Barack Obama should donate their time and talents to aid and house the poor and hungry.

Foreclosure is changing the picture of homelessness, for sure. That is not who we are talking about Guest 123. There are many types and forms of homelessness, and the people that we call the "chronic homeless" are the ones living in the woods because they can't take the shelters after 20 years of being a part of the "group dynamics" within those walls.

This church group is reaching out to all homeless folks, I am sure...but the ONES that they are interfacing with are most likely not the new situational homeless people who have lost everything due to getting IN OVER THEIR HEADS with a $1200.00 to $2000.00 monthly mortgage, during the GOOD economy...and they were probably MOST guilty of "FLIPPING HOUSES", smart A$$es that they were. Who in their right mind takes on a high monthly house payment when they make Minimum wage? Repeal the DODD/FRANK Bill!!!


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