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If I were President...

I'd FIRE US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner immediately!!! It would be my first order.

OCCUPY Wilmingtonians, WAKE UP!!!! THIS is the corruption that is important to have the courage to make posters about! How can Occupy Wilmington, The Tea Party or anyone NOT see where the waste is eminating from, or if you do, you are afraid to be called a racist or something. We are ALL too P.C.

Think about it~

This guy is coming to town, using OUR money to get here, to wine, dine, probably stay at the beach, and campaign for his boss to SPEND MORE, and to stay in office (thus, guaranteeing him a job), to be able to SPEND MORE and more and more than we will EVER have again, I guess.

...And, to Golf. and to vacation in Martha's Vineyard, and to go on elaborate dates to NYC on our dime. And to give our tax dollars to pseudo green projects like Solandra.... AND....this is continuously occurring while:

We the People are dizzily sick and tired of being Unemployed/ Under-employed, of eating baloney skins and compromising our quality of life because of the ineptitude of all CZARS, at all levels, especially the one in the Oval office.

Un believable!
Why not show up enmass and Protest this WASTE tomorrow morning? What a MESSAGE that would send to the White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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