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It's time

It's time for the Leland PD, and the town, to come clean and open up.

I personally believe that Leland residents have lost confidence in the Chief Tim Jayne, and to a lesser degree the department.

Settling the lawsuit brought by the female officer was possibly the smartest thing they have done so far.

If I had been on a jury hearing that case, $18,000 would have been a drop in the bucket of damages that would have been awarded to her.

That incident alone, shows lack of leadership of a department that desperately needs to revamp itself, and Officers that still have a fraternity attitude.

The Brunswick County Sheriff's department has transformed itself under the leadership of Sheriff Ingram. He offered to lend his Internal Investigations officer to assist the town of Leland, and at least that would have been an impartial professional to help clear up all the clouds that have been hanging over Leland. And he offered his services for FREE. Why was his help refused?

The SBI has been summoned by the Chief, so it's possible that we will see some changes made.

However, Leland officials need to learn that departments do not run on autopilot. Many of the allegations made could have been avoided with a little oversight.

The town needs to keep it's Chief on a short leash, and demand professionalism and accountability.
That is the job of elected Town officials.

Taking a marked patrol car to another state, without official business
is a serious matter.

To the town leaders of Leland....."Snap out of it". Wake up.


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