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Ehhh. I'm pretty skeptical

Ehhh. I'm pretty skeptical of LaNasa here. He himself has something of a history of vandalism. He produced stickers a few years ago mocking one of the rival tattoo shops and either he or his employees/friends put them up various places around town. The stickers, by the way, reminded me of something a not-too-bright elementary school kid comes up with in addition to being offensive.

This included one on my mailbox, because I happened to live with a former employee of his that now worked at that other shop. This man now wants to be mayor and whines about someone messing with his signs.

He also accused me of stealing the sandwich sign from in front of his shop (I worked at a neighboring business at the time) when his employees didn't bring it in for the night, apparently because I lived with that former employee. I had no opinion on Justin before these incidents and my roommate had never mentioned him at all but after seeing him personally involved in vandalism--of my home--and accusing someone totally uninvolved in his little grudge match of stealing, I formed an opinion pretty quick.

I'm no fan of Saffo, personally or politically, but Justin LaNasa is a pretty loathsome individual.


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