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That'll Fit It!

Excellent idea! Let's toss these non-violent juveniles into the slammer with the the rapist, child molesters, druggies and the odd drunk or two. To make room for them, let a few bank robbers and murderers out early. Throw away the keys too! I'm sure they'll come out model citizens when/if they are finally released.

Then again, that makes about as much sense as charging them with child endangerment and/or contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Which child are you proposing to charge and against whom?

Personally, I wouldn't want to have to pay for locking these kids up. There are far better remedies...including, as you said, denial of the privlidge of obtaining a drivers license until they are adults. Even then, their insurance company should be allowed to deny insurance or jack it up to a rate on par with a person who has had a DUI or two...very high risk. Hit 'em where it phone, no internet, yikes!!! take them off Facebook!


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