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Thoughts like yours are what have them on this path.

Take away their internet? Take away their phones? "Hit 'em where it hurts..."? Those are some really MEAN consequences there Kilroy! So how many criminals have you birthed?
You don't seem to have a grasp on the basics here. First of all, the prisons are full of the violent criminals you described and are released early on a daily to join the law-abiding, tax-paying general public. Those criminals started out just like these teenie-bumps. Next, you have kids at this age THAT KNOW BETTER, but yet steal their parents car and go on a multi-state extravaganza with no drivers license, no money and definitely not enough common sense to pull it off! The obvious result is that you have the perfect recipie for a criminal residing in each and every one of them. For most that have this sort of propensity, their lives will turn into a mish-mash of mutiple felonies, misdemeanors, drug use, incarceration and the inability to co-exist with the general public. They can't get jobs, or maintain one if they do. Nobody will even rent to them because of their criminal history.

So yeah...go ahead take their cell phone, their internet and their facebook, that'll show 'em alright! They're already too old to get it at this point and evidently weren't even taught the basics that most of us learn by the age of two. Self-predestination can be a real tough way to grow up!


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