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I don't think criminal charges should be brought against them for this reason. They are young and they should be given another chance - there should be some type of consequence but not giving them felony records. With that being said, I don't agree with the rest. They need to see their are consequences for their actions. They were old enough to decide to head for Tennessee and to drive there, so they knew what they were doing. If the parents have any sense about them, and want to prevent something like this happening again, they need to put them on heavy restriction. You can be darn sure they would not have a phone, they would not be on a computer unless I was sitting there beside them, and they would be very restricted in their movements. The parents have to pull up their big girl/boy panties and act like parents - they are not friends. They set the rules and they set the consequences for breaking the rules. I don't care what kind of parent you are -a child is going to push the envelope so to speak and you have to be ready to make them answer for it. If you don't, you can pretty well guarantee that down the road you will be visiting them in jail or at the cemetery.


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