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I'm interested

Have you not been to any of the town meetings? She was there with a handful of papers with the truth printed on them and she even handed them out one night to anyone who wanted to see the truth. Get with her and I am sure she will be only too happy to fill you in on things! I have seen the papers, I have read them and I have looked at all of the proof to all of the "slander", as you put it! Richard White has been a liar!!! He has been a thief and has tried to get people to lie for him and when they don't lie for him, he is "out to get them"! I am serious!
Another thing people need to know and so does the WWAY TV News is : I know one of the commissioners sent emails to the city workers to "keep things to themselves" be cause this is a "very crucial time". Since when can't the tax payers go to the city and ask questions and expect an honest answer?!!!!!! What are WHITE AND HIS PUPPETS trying to hide? We, as tax payers, have every right to the truth!!! Don't you agree?
People need to acquire the info Ms. Yarolin has and rethink their opinion of White!!! Do we want a crook for the city mayor? I sure don't!!
Some people can't make it to the meetings and I understand that, but don't call her slanderous when you have yet to read the truth......she has PROOF, honey....lots of it!!!
You have the right idea when you say let people decide for themselves....but people need to know the facts, right?


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