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Sounds like you have your head in the sand, or somewhere else! These signs SHOULD DEFINATELY change your mind who to vote for!! Thats what they are the for!! You can just go ahead and vote in someone who cheats, lies, steals, etc. And that is pretty much who YOU like.....but there is proof of all of this if you want to see it. He even has a problem with the African Americans and there is proof of that. Man! If I were you, I would want to read all of this before I made my decision!! That is, if YOU have a life and want things better for your city!! This woman HAS grown up and even WISED up to the fact that he is a bad mayor and a not so respectable person!! There are some people who keep their head are one of them!
The reason for the short interview is listed here and doesn't need to be repeated.
WAKE UP PEOPLE! For the sake of BSL!


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