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First of all, the color, model, year, and license plate number were not shared about THAT officer's wife's vehicle, nor any address associated with either of their whereabouts. So unless they are such sought after celebrities that citizens are going to go looking for every Infinti in the county, how is your point valid? Anyone wanting to know personal addresses and vehicle info in BC can find that in the public tax records on anyway, which includes the highly classified information on LPD officers and family members. Imagine that. They're not as important as the CIA. If this is such private information, why did she discuss it publicly on the Internet herself? I can't speak on the relevancy, but the comment did not put anyone in danger. That was a bit of an exaggeration. Sounds like the officer in question is the real danger. And while I do not want to upset you, I can't help but ask how making this "point" was beneficial to your cause? It wasn't.


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