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Who's the real blight ?

That's right. kill the messenger (WWAY). Just like we've axed three fine officers, who, like KBlue, took a stand. When all the corruption is exposed, it will be funny to watch the chief's brown nosers quickly jump ship, to save their own spineless hides. They will pretend they were against what they are now supporting, all along.

Why did two good, honest, career officers, have their careers ruined ? Was it really some back of the book rule ? If so, why aren't these rules being applied to everyone ? Why was she bullied during training ? These Officers deserved better. No WWAY should not get unplugged, they should get a reward, or at the very least, truthful answers to their questions. Instead of threats and innnsults.

This House of Cards is starting to fall. The days of hacking people off, or punching a subordinate because he angers you (and you know the click will do what you tell them, to keep you out of trouble) are slowly ending. This abuse of power has been going on too long. I'm sure they would love to bully WWAY and yank their license. But let me tell you, you're barking up the wrong tree this time.

This problem is too big. Simply destroying another messenger, is not going to hide the problem this time. Its time to start giving answers, and stop making threats.


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