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I do live in leland, and

I do live in leland, and absolutely love it there. My OPINION of all of this non sense is that you all sound like you are at a competition trying to beat each other to a pulp verbally. It's just too funny. Let the LPD take care of there stuff, they are grown adults. The town needs to be looked at most definitly. All of you post all of these accusations, and want answers, go sit in a courtroom all day long, take a law book with you and do this for many days, maybe you will learn some stuff that can answer your questions. I by no means know the law like an officer, judge or an attorney, but I most definitly, won't bad mouth anyone or anything till I know the truth about it. I do know that there are steps and processes that has to be taken before anything can be done about any of this or anything lawful. I assume that all you folks have jobs? Aren't there steps or processes that has to be taken before you can just say you are done? Stop acting like highschool kids. Go to some town meetings in your hometown and start voicing your opinion there. That's where you can start to make a difference and then "oh yeah". Vote.


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