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Government bureaucrat

Little Timmy does not have a clue about how to stimulate the economy.You do not need an Ivy League education to understand basic economic principles.This Administration's dysfunctional fiscal policies,tax policies,burdensome regulations have handcuffed American industry, unless they are involved in the fraudulent green technology movement.Wealth is created in the private sector Timmy.The government's only role in the economy should be putting conditions in place that are conducive to private sector expansion.The private sector are the ones who support this monster( BIG GOVERNMENT).The jobs bill does not accomplish anything , except putting more public sector employees to work ,who have to be financed by the private sector( the wealth creators).The financial gimmicks have been an absolute failure(TARP,HARP,Cash for Clunkers,shovel ready jobs and the Summer of Recovery).There is no doubt our nation is in peril but you clowns(Obama,Geithner,and Bernanke) are not the ones who will lead us to prosperity.Expect the status quo, if these clowns have four more years in office of turning us into a dependency culture and drowning us and our children in to an insurmountable debt.EVERY economic projection by this Administration has been off the mark!No wonder the markets and consumers have no confidence in this Administration.Any Republican candidate running for President should make abolishing the IRS and the EPA their top priority upon taking office.You would see a dramatic and positive turnaround for American industry and consumers.


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