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Getting tired of rude comments .. by everybody .. including you

An active interchange of thoughts is constructive .. Strident, foaming-at-the mouth stuff is de-constuctive .. Your comments are essentially accurate in fact and Ms. Cuevas really does need to tighten up her work by a considerable degree if she wants to consider herself a professional journalist but can't we all just put a moritorium on the hate-speak? ..
Statements like "Please DO NOT make this typographical error ever again in YOUR lifetime. It is unacceptable. Proof read your work so that you do not insult your American audience" I find to be didactically over the top. Hopefully others agree. No one left you in charge of everything any more than anybody left anyone in charge of everything so please try to be aware of that when making a comment.
I'm hoping that being polite is still an acceptable form of behavior. If not, our great American society is surely doomed.


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