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Very nice to see true

Very nice to see true patriots with common sense in Wilmington.

Why did Timmy Boy venture out of DC to the hinterlands of North Carolina? Will we see Corning in the headlines soon, receiving more magic Bernanke $$$ as part of some "green jobs" scheme? Probably. How much would Corning exec's sell out for? $10 mil? $100 mil? Half a billion, like Solyndra?

What mis-educated "journalists" just don't get - is that EVERY. SINGLE. DOLLAR. of that $798 mil in the "American Jobs Act" - had to be EARNED.

Somebody had to dig a ditch - or bus tables - or stand for hours at the Walmart check out line, as a cashier - or run a combine in the cotton fields til late at night - or drive a truck - or clean toilets in fancy/schmancy bank office buildings - or bust butt running a business, working 16 hrs/day, pouring heart & soul into his/her life's dream ..... to EARN THAT DOLLAR THAT GOES RIGHT TO THE CORRUPT DEM PARTY MONEY LAUNDERING/VOTE BUYING MACHINE, A/K/A GVT PROGRAMS & GREEN JOBS SCHEMES.

Do you get it now?


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