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Sounds G-R-E-A-T!!!

Yep! Sounds SOOOOOOO Good to me!

AND, he does NOT have special interests in Real Estate, nor is he from a Real Estate family, and has NO PRONOUNCED VINDETTA'S against City Workers for goodness sakes!

Instead, he seeks out City Workers to ask, "what job do you do?, What department do you work for, and "thank-you for working so hard in this 100 degree heat today".
He actually understands that if we did not have city services, the City would be under garbage and would look like occupy wallstreeters torrential mess in about One Day.

NOW, that's a man who should be representing this fair city!

And, he loves to talk, to laugh, and to dance.

My kind of "politician"...a regular joe blow!

Unlike the duffos' who is running for CITY COUNCIL and denouncing the WORTH of City Staff. Sounds like 'sour grapes' for not getting hired by the City when showing up in Wilmington from New York.

May the Luck of the Irish be with you Ricky and the wind always at your back, my friend.


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