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You may have known OF him

You may have known OF him for 15 years, but you obviously don't KNOW him. No, Ricky is not dumb, he may not be as quick witted as some, but he is not dumb. No, he is not innocent, you cannot live 40+ years, be tormented for who and what you are and remain innocent. Ricky is compassionate, caring, and REAL. He does not pretend to care about Wilmington, he actually does care! He may walk around town a lot, but with no other means of transportation, what would you want him to do? Ricky does something most of don't... he keeps going, whether he feels up to it today or not, whether he is defeated, rejected, or mocked, he still puts a smile on his face, and takes his umbrella just in case, and he keeps going! I would be proud to call him my Council man. He is honest, and will do what he thinks is best for our town, and he will ALWAYS consider his constituents' needs, something most politicians forget about after election day!
Not all disabilities are obvious, Gramps, for example, your closed mind and disparaging attitude have probably disabled you more in your life than his "disabilities" will ever affect him!


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