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What disability???

Guest20... There is NO need for you to insinuate that I am stupid because you disagree with my perspective... My point is that I don't believe that he IS disabled...I think he is a phony who is "milking the system"... I read your oh-so-informative link and I think maybe YOU should read it, it proved my point perfectly!! It stated:
"More specifically, a developmental disability is a severe, chronic disability which results in substantial functional limitations in three or more of the following aras of major life activity:

receptive and expressive language
capacity for independent living, and
economic self-sufficiency"
Let's see...
Self-care - when I have seen him, he is dressed appropriately and neatly and clearly cares for himself in those areas. He is able to do his own shopping.

Receptive and expressive language - he is able to participate in debates and interviews.

Learning - He states that he reads books, and he did graduate from NHHS, so clearly he CAN learn. He has certainly learned how to file to run for office and learned the bus routes.

Mobility - I covered this one before too, he is able to walk and ride the bus allll over town.

Self-direction - he is able to decide what he wants and make a plan for it. He can set goals and try to reach them.

Capacity for independent living - He lives alone, enough said.

Economic self-sufficiency - Well.. as I said, I see no valid reason that he doesn't work, so a JOB would certainly take care of that problem!!

There are several employees at Harris Teeter who suffer from various disabilities that are CLEARLY disabled, Down syndrome, etc. I personally know of a man who was left unable to read and suffered from learning disabilities after an extreme childhood tragedy and works at Walmart and the City of Wilmington. I would say that this man has more reason to be "disabled" than a man who has yet to make clear what specifically his "disability" restricts him from doing. This other man clearly has more pride in himself as he has managed to hold down 2 jobs and has a wife and family. Maybe Ricky should take a lesson from him! Maybe we should all rally around this other man instead and glorify him for being a responsible adult as he should be.

People need to wake up and STOP congratulating and idolizing an irresponsible, outlandish, ridiculous man like Ricky Meeks. He wants to be famous for being Paris Hilton...and he has managed to FOOL a LOT of people...but not me and none of my friends or family!!


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