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To everyone who has had nothing but negative things to say about the men who protect and serve in Leland.... I sure hope Karma doesn't bite you in the tail. These are the men who put their own lives at risk to SAVE YOURS!!!

I understand there has been some issues, and hopefully they get dealt with appropriately. BUT this doesn't mean EVERY SINGLE OFFICER at the LPD is a bad policeman. Did anyone notice the officer who helped the old lady who was choking near Wal Mart a couple weeks ago? Or how about during Hurricane Irene when all these officers had to leave their families at home to work extra hours to help protect YOUR families?? Or how about that bad accident on Hwy 133 a while back where Leland officers were some of the first responders making sure the people/children involved were comforted?

To anyone who lives in Leland and has had negative things to say...I sure hope you don't find yourself in a situation where you're calling 911 for help....because these officers who you all are bashing will be the ones showing up at your doorstep offering their help...


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