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Sad Song

Guys and Gals,

Let's quit singing the same tune. Yes, the officers in Leland "fine department" put their lives on the line every day. Some even served their country. THAT WAS THEIR CHOICE. This country has no draft and doesn't require citizens to serve in the police so these officers choose to serve. Much like you and I choose to do our jobs.

That is the only defense I can see on here is people saying these officers put their lives on the line every day. With the exception of the robbery last Friday, Leland doesn't have a lot of situations where an officers life is on the line. Look at their daily police blotter and you will see these officers putting their "lives on the line" to investigate thefts of stop signs, lots of shoplifting at Walmart, and sometimes a larceny of a dog. I certainly appreciate the risk the officers take in investigating these matters.

As for their military service, the officers should be thanking us. If you combined the officers in the Leland Police Department SAT scores, I still doubt you would get a high enough score to ever attend a college. Hence, the Military was the only viable option for these guys and obviously it paid off because they would able to land an awesome job with the Leland Police Department!

I sleep at night knowing Smith, Blassinggame and all the other Ex Military Guys in Leland are "on the case."


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