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as a prior employee of the

as a prior employee of the town i can only say this to all of you. there is no one here making alligations of you doing any wrong doing anything illegal or otherwise detrimental to you, your family, and the job that you have. yes you sleep safe at night because of people like the patrol officers of leland who are in your neighborhood at night trying to catch the guy breaking into your unlocked car because you were so smart you didnt remember to secure your crap! as far as being educated i know a few of the officers there have a degree or are working towards a degree in something all while being paid crap and what education do you have? these guys risk there lives everyday simply putting on a uniform makes you a target. are there bad people in leland? YES! do they need to go to jail? YES! do the officers write tickets YES you jokers cant drive! if you think you could do so much better than these officers... i invite you to shut your mouth grab a BLET t shirt go to school. and when you get done you do the job. be the bully see the bad guy with a gun 3 foot from you then come on here and tell the truth YOU need cops in leland period. does Jayne need to go yes! Futch YES! Lieutenats YES! anything involving Officer Lewis you should be Fired yes. but the guys you see working 6-6 they arent there for the money theyre there for YOU! remember far as the veterans let me ask you something you didnt serve????WHY are u AMERICAN? so you dont know why these men and women CHOOSE to serve there country and the little old town of Leland its a duty an honor. the Military is Never just an obvious alternative respect your veterans theyre the reason you are able to sit here and talk crap. do a ride along then come back and write what you witness be safe lil buddy. its a very thin blue line


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