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I would like to send my

I would like to send my sympathy to all members of his family. I know this is a very difficult time for you and I can understand your sadness and even your anger. However, I think it is important for people that are reading your comments and maybe even for all of you to understand one thing. I passed the area where this happened before it occured. The moving truck was parked IN THE ROAD, not off of it. It totally blocked that lane of traffic forcing drivers into the other lane. I passed by around 8:30am. The sun is blinding at that time. When I had to go around the truck into the other lane, I was thinking that this was a very dangerous set of circumstances. I had just pulled of from an adjacent street that is less than a block from where the truck was. There was no issue of speed for me. I do not know who the driver was. I do not know what their speed was. But, I think it is very important that when people start attacking a person that, in my opinon, did not cause this horrible accident to realize that this person is probably suffering, too. It was an accident. Things happen in this life all of the time that are true accidents. I understand that it is tempting to want to blame someone, but think about this...the driver that hit him was in the road, not a driveway, not a parking lot. Why would a moving truck be PARKED in the road? Why would the movers be in the road? That truck endangered that driver's life as well as all that had to pass it. The point is that it is one thing to try and punish or blame someone when they clearly made a choice to endanger others...drunk driving, etc. But, there are times when accidents happen that are just accidents.


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