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Ever see the autopsy results?

The Armed Forces Pathological Institute exhumed the bodies and conducted autopsies AFTER the decision was made to not send him to the court martial.

The autopsies substantiated Pantano's claim that they were advancing toward him, as many shots entered from the front.

A subsequent search of the house they had just exited revealed a substantial amount of arms and equipment for constructing IEDs. They were definitely bad guys, and as they were evidently advancing on Pantano, he could legitimately engage them. I would have.

I am not saying that Pantano's actions were completely appropriate, tasteful, or what I would have done in the given circumstance. I have better fire discipline.

If you think his "pray-n-spray" behavior is restricted to scared lieutenants in the field, take time to research how many police officers are well into their second or even third magazine when involved in a shootout. I'm sure you can recall the first time you took fire, and when it's coming from only a few feet away, it's easy to get....overly motivated.

No on is in a position to question the convening authority who decided not to send Lieutenant Pantano to a court martial to face charges of conduct unbecoming a Marine, the only charge recommended by the investigating officer. In a "war" in which we nailed troops constantly for any minor infraction of ROE or policy, why would Pantano have escaped prosecution if he was truly guilty of anything beyond being scared and stupid?

Why can't you people attack Panatno on his politics? Why is "He killed two guys" the only tool in your kit?


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