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You've been in combat

That means that you've obviously been trained in the Geneva Protocols. Therefore you know that there is absolutely NO requirement that an enemy combatant be ARMED before he is engaged. Unless he is injured, sick, or otherwise incapable of fighting (such as a pilot still descending in his parachute) he is fair gane and can be engaged. He doesn't even have to take hostile action....and you KNOW all that!

Here's another thing that you know....if you are armed and have two unarmed combatants advancing on you and you DON'T engage them, you're going to wind up dead when they take away your weapon and kill you with it.

You know all of that, so don't pretend to be so naive.

Here's my take on Pantano's actions. For the first time in theater he was facing TRUE "danger close," and he was scared out of his wits. He emptied two magazines in pure terror. The note was an attempt to regain standing as a brave warrior who wasn't the least bit scared. Macho counts in the Marine mind. We all want to think of ourselves as John Wayne, not Barney Fife.

I'll be voting for McIntyre who will likely be re-elected anyway. He does a great job. I just wish that once we could have a local Congressional election without the lies about McIntyre being a liberal and Pantano being a murderer.


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