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Which shot entered first....

...isn't easy on soft tissue, but it can be done when you have intersecting wound channels. When rounds hit a large boney structure such as the pelvic girdle or cranial vault, it's as easy as determining which round entered a windshield first: It's all in the cracks and where they stop.

You Pantano haters amaze me. You're in the same league as the 9/11 conspiracy crowd. The JAG investigating officer, a three-star general, and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology all joined in a conspiracy HOW MANY years ago so that a lieutenant could someday run for Congress if he wanted to?

Here's my final take on it. They were insurgents. They had likely killed Americans. They were bad guys, and dead bad guys is ALWAYS a good thing. Pantano killed them, and while his methods may not have been by the book, the end result was good. Dead bad guys.

I like Mike, and while I won't vote for Pantano, I'd have no reservations about going into combat with him. That "yellow streak" you imagine didn't stop him from coming out on top.


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