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Let's address the real problem in Pender County Schools...

The fact that Mr. Skipper has been placed on suspension is absolutely ludacris and completely unnecessary. This is nothing more than Rachel Manning trying to finish what she started last year but was not able to. Every Pender County School employee knows that Manning was Scholar’s henchman and did all her dirty work. For whatever reason, Manning has a personal vendetta against Mr. Skipper and she is trying to get at him no matter what cost or who is hurts, students, staff, and community members. To her it doesn’t matter who she has to “sacrifice” as long as she gets what she wants, and that is to remove Mr. Skipper from his position as principal at Topsail High School. Unlike Ms. Manning, who likes to spread rumors about her employees and smear their name when she has never even SPOKEN to that employee, I’m not going to assume or make accusations that I don’t know if they are true or not. I’m not sure why she wants him out because I don’t know but it is very evident that she wants him gone.

Maybe the school board should look at the fact that when school employees see Rachel Manning walking into their school that they run and hide. It’s like the seeing the grim reaper, she invokes fear and intimidation into school employees that they are so afraid to teach how they know and can because if they are to get any complaints to central office they know that they are in the crosshairs. And when Manning gets you in her crosshairs, you’re going down by any means necessary.

Mr. Skipper has support from the community, as evidenced last school year, he has support from his staff, as evidenced last school year and he has support from the students, as evidenced last school year. Will every teacher be happy working for an administrator??? No they won’t there will always be those who don’t get along or like any of their administrators at their school. Will every student be happy and like the principal??? Absolutely not. Will every teacher be happy and like the principal at their childrens school??? No way. But look at the overall support that Mr. Skipper has. Would all the people that came to bat for him before and are coming to bat for him now do so if Mr. Skipper was not worthy of fighting for?
It’s time the School Board steps in and cleans house where it needs to be cleaned. If they school board is too scared then they need to be give up their seat to someone who will be willing to stand up for what is right.

The staff has pulled together and is rallying, not to show Manning and Central Office that we don’t need Skipper to function at a high level. But we are rallying and continuing doing what we are supposed to do to show Manning that no matter how much she messed with us or continues to beat us down that we are not going down easy. We got your back Mr. Skipper!!!


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