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You guys make me sick. None

You guys make me sick. None of you have no clue what you're talking about. The person who has already graduated, how do you know what he's doing these days? Exactly, you don't. And all the parents that thinks he's controlling, I would love to hear your definition of controlling because he is not! How can you run a school without rules, or in your words "control." Mr. Skipper is the best principal that Topsail has EVER had. He is the only one that walks down the halls happy and says hello to everyone. When you have a principal that has remembered probably 95% of the school student's names with over 1100 students, does that not tell you anything? Mr. Skipper attends all the sporting avents that he can, and every other school even that he is able too. It is absolutely ridicolous that he couldn't attend his students senior night that he's had since 7th grade. That is absolutely RIDICOLOUS! I am a student that currently attends Topsail, and I see what happens at our school. He has encouraged and motivated students who don't care one bit about school to come every day and try their hardest. The graduation percentage is higher than any other school in Pender County, and our grades and scores are the best. Why doesn't the board try to fix the other schools and try to get them like Topsail? I am so sick and tired of having to worry about politics when I'm only a student. They are ruining my future with all of this mess. Just leave Topsail alone, we're doing fine without all the politics. Leave the Topsail family alone.


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