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The problem with these ghost investigations

according to a researcher I saw on TV is that they technology they use to investigate these phenomena are in no way designed for such activities and there's not one shred of evidence to suggest that spikes in electromagnetic activity, etc are suggestive of paranormal activity. It's like using a volt meter to try to detect cancer. It wasn't designed for such a use and there's no reason to believe it will work in that capacity.

You could clear a stretch of woods where there's never been a house, murder scene cemetery, etc and build a new tacky, cookie cutter subdivision and use these devices and get "suspect" readings in these brand new houses from time to time. I'll promise you, if you told one new resident of the development that a haunted house or old burial ground was once on the site, ghost stories will start popping up.

That said: do I not believe in ghosts? I wouldn't say that. I grew up in a house in which a woman died rather tragically - and it's not a rumor, it's a matter of public record - and I've experienced a few things that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up to this day. Human eyes and ears will have to be the best paranormal investigators as we'll need to see and interact with one. That is the problem with being a true believer though, if ghosts are real and have "powers" or "abilities," why are they so shy and coy? Why whisper good bye and giggle occasionally? Just walk up and say "Hi, I'm a ghost, let me tell you about the other side."


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