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Corrupt WMPO

Futch is right about the WMPO. Bill Sue laughs, but he and EG Dale have been cooking up this deal for over a decade. If you don't believe it, then go to the DOT and see the FINAL plans for the Village Road Phase II project, especially around the Lincoln Road area and see who owns the properties that will be seized via eminent domain, and recent purchases of property along that route. Improvements have been done to these properties over the last few years, because Sue and Dale knew the road was going through there. Sue didn't even have the nerve to go tell the people affected along the route. He just ridiculed them on TV news. Fact is that Dale and Sue own millions worth of property along Village & Lincoln Roads, and didn't give a rat's rear end who they had to throw out to get their millions. Then Sue pretends that he doesn't have a conflict of interest. What a laugh. Luckily, a few good citizens took this matter to the legislature and got it put on the back burner for a long time.

As for Jason Thompson, he has a habit of trying to be the schoolyard bully by challenging other elected area leaders, that don't fall into his prescribed line, to fights in the parking lot. Thompson might want to be careful who he challenges to fight. He might get more than he bargains for. Bullies always get their come-uppins' eventually.

Saffo is nothing more than a wanna-be gangster. I've sat in on these meetings, and they outright bullied Mayor Futch. Like with Sue and his conflicts of interest, follow the property and money to see who benefits from the Skyway corridor project. Politicians are getting paid, folks. Residents are getting screwed.

Wise up Cape Fear voters... This bunch doesn't have your best interest at heart, just their own pocketbooks.

The feds should have a field day investigating this crowd.


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