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the facts

Here are the facts for all the ignorant people in Leland who buy every word Futch says.
Have you looked for yourselves? Do you even understand what you are looking at? Or are you writing and spouting the words Futch gives you just as he does when you speak at Council Meetings………….like no one can tell it’s Futch, please get real.

Futch is as crooked as they come. Corruption in Leland is spelled F U T C H. He does illegal things behind the scenes and uses Farris as his hatchet man. Eventually it will all come to light. Those secret conversations between Futch and Farris will be known. Futch is yellow bellied and not a leader. A leader takes responsibility when things go wrong. Futch only thinks of his own political agenda. Do you really think he cares about all of us citizens? He is using this for his own gain because he has bigger dreams. He has nothing else to stand on. This is his way of political grandstanding to get you to vote for him in his future endeavors…………….County Commissioner or whatever. Ask yourself who knew about and signed the project documents for the Town of Leland? Who manipulates the Town of Leland’s Zoning Ordinance to get what he wants when he wants it or to prohibit projects he doesn’t like although they can actually do some good for town. Who takes things out of the administration codes policies or changes them to be so vague so he can have more power. Who had the Village Road Plans redrawn so that realignment could occur for their business? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black, doesn’t it?

You question those that sit on the transportation committees when they are actually trained planners, engineers and others, yet you don’t question if the Dentist knows what he is talking about. Just because someone relentlessly reads to prove they can doesn’t really mean they are. Futch denies everyone who doesn’t agree with him their right to speak at every Town of Leland Council Meeting so what is he whining about.

Yes Futch is opening his mouth and speaking for you “good ol boys”, so you think. The problem is that he is playing on your ignorance and fear and what is coming out is nothing but hot air. You know what they say about crap don’t you? You can either go through, walk around it or walk away from it. When it comes to Futch and his babbling the best thing just might be to walk away from it. Know this, all his antics will implode on him one day.


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