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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Third time's the charm for a die-hard "One Tree Hill" fan whose quest was to meet star Sophia Bush despite cerebral palsy. On her third trip from Cleveland, OH, to Wilmington to watch the filming of "One Tree Hill," Melissa Fowler finally met Bush. When told of Fowler's love of the show and of her, Bush walked from the "Karen's Café" set downtown to meet and sign a couple autographs for Fowler. "Just everything she does on Crowdrise and all the environmental work she does and she seems like a really great person and someone who really cares about people and about everything in the world it's just... I've never seen anyone like her," Fowler said of her idol. The cast and crew are working on the ninth and final season of "One Tree Hill." Shooting is scheduled to wrap up later this month.

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