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Osey Sanders is not responsible for this problem its General Jayne. lets see if we can figure out who hired him? (YOU). of course unless you said " MR Jayne don't repair any deficiencies you find heck don't even look for any" is that what you did? I will answer that for you. (NO), You hired General Jayne so yes there are TWO people responsible, YOU AND JAYNE.

What a crock every single person this manager has had any dealings with has had to put up with this kind of (BULL). Its not my Fault--- Farris, good employees have left, its not my fault individuals work for home and have different employment standards, its not my fault employees cant seem to work together,

Your new name should be its Not My Fault Farris, just say it "a female officer was shot in the crotch by untrained employees its OSEY SANDERS. so this guy is showing the new managers the ropes. GOOD LUCK EMPLOYEES. Once again absolutely no Management skills, but don't worry it's not his fault is it Farris!!!!


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