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leland police officer's

one more thing ,,, if they were not done with there trainning , that would mean thay could not give out any tickets ,, so anyone who has gotton any tickets in the past it would be dissmissed for the courts and refunded to them the finds and courts cost ,,
now what happens if they were in a bar or traven ,, on a call or just walked in to checked it out ,, they are not police officer's and the broke the law again ,, walking to to a bar with a pisto, thats a felony ,, and they all should be accounted for that ,, is not our falt the way the town and the dept run there place ,, but it is our right to know the truth and get some answer's from the chief and the Town Council. Mayor Walter Futch, Pat Batleman and Herbert Barnes, our tax money pays there pay check ,, get them back in town with the d.a hold a public meeting and give us some answer , we have a lot to talk about , us the people who pay you to do your job ,,,


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