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Boy isn't everyone running

Boy isn't everyone running to jump on the latest bandwagon! What I would like to know is where were all of you on all the nights that these officers were working the streets, taking the worst of the worst off the streets so that you may all rest a little safer? Where were all of you any time that these officers were at home on their "time off" and had to rush in because one of Leland's citizens(the ones who are now the name callers and haters)needed them? Did you care that they had to miss dinner with their families,that they have to work all holidays to keep you safe, miss their kids birthdays, annniversaries all because duty calls? Of course not. You expect that protection and you receive that protection. But anytime there is an opportunity to "let 'em have it" we jump on it! Never once thinking about all the good and the sacrifices that have been made. I personally know this officer and I wouldn't want anyone else coming to my aid, nor would I trust anyone more with my life. He is a fine human being, and has given so much to the Leland Police Dept. I am so very proud of the way he has handled himself as I don't know if I could be as strong as he is. So before you cast more judgement, sit back and think about all the good that has been done for all of you.I doubt very many of you would ever want to put yourselves in the situaitons that these men and women face. And remember this the next time you decide to slander someone you most likely don't even know-the Bible says the tongue is the devil's workshop.


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