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Mr. Lanasa

Very interesting, the cutter Diligence was out of commission for a refit from 1990 to 1992. She didn't come to Wilmington until 1992. So that means that during the "perfect storm" she was not in service. Mr. Lanasa claims to have been aboard the Diligence during this incident and further claims to have participated in six rescues. Seeing as how this looks, I can not help but to call into question some other claims made to other media outlets about awards received (none specifically cited). All veterans should be proud of their service regardless of what their respective duty or job was a storekeeper, clerk, cook, truck driver it does not matter . Veterans should never feel the need to embelish or lie.

Let me make this clear, I could care less about the office you are seeking or the incumbent your are attempting to un-seat.

Mr. Lanasa, please take the time to further explain in more detail your time serving in the coast guard as it related to "the perfect storm" incident October 28, 1991 to November 4, 1991. Even though you were very specific about the incident by naming the M/V Andrea Gail perhaps there has in fact been some sort of mis-communication. Remember you deserve the credit that you rightfully earned. If you claim something that is not entirely true then do the right thing.

I encourage everyone to visit you can volunteer your time to help preserve the valor rightfully earned by those who serve and have served.

You have our full attention
Semper Paratus...


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