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Socialist vs RINO

It is close because of the demographic makeup of the state of N.C has changed to the Left.We currently have a Socialist occupying the White House,who is adamant in the implementing the failed European economic model.They will only be marginal economic success with his oppressive and dysfunctional fiscal policies.Many in the electorate are misinformed and ignorant as to what is currently unfolding concerning our economic direction.A broke government can not simply support a dependency culture. Surprisely, many folks in our society want a dependency culture becuase no effort is required to be a taker from productive members of the economy.A prime example is Obamacare. In the end, Joe Blow Crackhead will have the same health insurance plan you have,except you will be financing his plan.

Romney is a moderate politician with a history of being a flip flopper on numerous issues. He is not a leader.He is just a politician, who goes with the political winds.He laid the groundwork for the fruition of OBamacare with Romneycare in Massachuetts.He looks the part but there is not a whole lot of substance as far as principles go.


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