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Shooting was 5 blocks from the police station

Why isn't there more police presence in the Brooklyn neighborhood? It's about 5 blocks to the HUGE Wilmington Police Department and they can't bother themselves to drive, or better yet walk, a few blocks and PATROL THEIR OWN FRONT YARD? I googled up "shooting campbell street wilmington" and there was another guy SHOT IN THE HEAD at 3rd and Campbell in JUNE 2011. I would be embarrassed to wear a badge in this city if bodies were piling up a few blocks from my HQ. I hope the cops are taking this s*** seriously because I live a few blocks from the 6th Street bridge.

BTW all you people who are too scared to cross the "color line" in this city should take a drive through sometime in the bright daylight and see the well maintained houses and yards in my neighborhood up around 8th and Brunswick. It's not a scene out of Sanford and Son down here. We've got good people in this so-called "swinepit" as one other commenter likes to blurt out. We're all in this city together, black, white, and brown. Please find it in your hearts to judge people on an individual basis and not their address, size of their paycheck, skin color, etc.


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