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As of now, Shawn Sidbury has

As of now, Shawn Sidbury has two kids and they shall continue to be well taken care of by their mother. Very few of you have read this article and even questioned the truth of the circumstances that yielded these felonies. So quick to try to see the speck in someone else's eyes before removing the plank from your own. Shawn Sidbury's business does not concern you & your smart aleck remarks reveal what about yourself? Are you jealous/angry that someone who has been gifted with remarkable athletic talent did not use it the way YOU see fit? Does it raise you up to know that someone else has fallen? To much is given much is required. Isuggest you focus on what God has given YOU to steward instead of spending yout time making comments that 99% of you would never say to his face. Every single person reading or writing on this post has made a mistake in their lifetime. Most of us were blessed though not to make the news with our mistakes and have people rip into us for something which they have heard a fraction of the story. I know Shawn, & I know if you are one of the ones reading this who have ever lied, cheated, hurt someone's feelings, etc Shawn wouldn't try to throw you under the bus. First of all he would stay out of your business but if he did hear he would want the best for you. Funny how someone you don't even know well you can speak out against but he would treat you better than you are treating him if the situation was in reverse.


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