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Wrong Bird

You're probably talking about the Red-cockaded woodpecker. Red-headed woodpeckers are common and not listed as a threatened species.

The Red-cockaded woodpecker IS listed as federally endangered. It always will be. This bird requires a mature long-leaf pine with red heart disease for it's nesting cavity. The disease makes it easier to make a cavity and the sap that runs down the tree helps protect the baby birds from predators. There just aren't too many trees around that meet these criteria and thus, the bird will always be rare. This bird most certainly has stopped/altered projects through the years. It was instrumental in killing a waste incinerator in Pender County many, many years ago. Both Fort Bragg and Camp Lejuene have to consider this birds habitat when conducting exercises. Not sure if it would affect the rail line though...I doubt there are any nesting trees on the old rail bed but have no idea how much of a buffer the government requires for these birds.


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