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Pay attention to the last sentence~

"James tells us different groups have come in to clean up but their work is not maintained." DUH!

She also called ATF. Is she totally nuts. Why would she call ATF? Was it because she saw empty beer cans amongst the litter that her neighbors leave on vacant lots?

Gee Whiz! I wish "Different Groups" would come on into MY NEIGHBORHOOD and clean up!!!

But, as a result of being raised properly, our entire community must not think it is "someone else's responsibility" to CLEAN UP in our community. We do it ourselves!

And, furthermore, we would be 100% AWARE of illegal dumping after it happened ONE TIME... and we would catch the culprits and tie them to their beat up mattresses or abandoned washing machine until the cops arrived. Hell, we may even pelt them with rotten eggs, but we would never call the Mayor or ATF. Glad she finally wised up and decided to move, which is logical.


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