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Wilmington Ordinance trumps State Law

City Ordinance 9-3162 subsection (g) states in part, “Political campaign signs may be posted on private property only”, and City Ordinance 9-3165 subsection (f) states in part, “Freestanding signs are prohibited within a public right-of-way except when erected by a governmental agency.”.
The new law, Senate Bill 315 enacted on 10/1/2011 by a bunch of power hungry, self serving state Senators states that Municipal ordinances CAN and WILL override this legislation.
In Wilmington, new law or not, campaign signs anywhere but on Private Property are illegal.
I urge people to respect signs that are placed on Private Property. It is everyone's right to support who they choose by advertising that person's name on THEIR property.
On the other hand, I urge individuals to help clean up Public land where signs are placed illegally. Within the Municipality of Wilmington, signs placed in the right-of-way of public streets and highways are illegal, period. Signs anywhere but on Private Property are illegal, period.
If Mr. Fuller and the City Commissioners want, they can repeal the ordinance and while they're at it, they can stop bullying business owners over what signs they can and can't place in their own windows.
And finally to Mr. Fuller. There is WECT footage of me removing one of your signs after 10/1/2011. Do I get the reward for turning myself in? Oh wait, it's only if I'm convicted and you can't convict me because I didn't break the law.............However, you and every other candidate did, so do the voters a favor and turn yourselves in.


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