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Call me stubborn or whatever

Seeing any of the candidate's signs all over town does not make me want to vote for them anymore than seeing car commercials over and over make me want to buy that make of car. It only serves to irritate me. The signs are ugly and unnecessary. If people don't know who you are, that little sign will not help. Another pet peeve - why is it so necessary to put more than one of your signs in a specific area? Sometimes you will see 3 or 4 signs for the same person in one area. That really irritates me. If the ordinance says they shouldn't be in the right of way, then Wilmington and others need to clean them up and get rid of them. I bet if the truth was known, the money you spent on the signs probably could have been spent better on flyers or a short commercial. Do I agree with the people that are going around tearing them down? No. Stealing is stealing regardless of the item, but I can't say I blame them for doing so.


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