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Obviously you are not a fan.

Obviously you are not a fan. But lets start with common sense.
They have ONLY pushed two facts.
they want to represent 99% of the population. And under this fact some of the population clearly are socialistic. Some are members of unions. But if I must go on listing all of the differences in 99% of the population then you should assume I am talking down to you.

For you . It is kind of like the idea of IQ.
here 100 is average. But if I claim I want a group of people that include 99% of the population, then you see, some of my members might have an IQ of 34. But you harping on my few slow members doesn't discount the same number of members on my guassian curve of 134 IQ.

The second fact of them is in the words, Wall Street.
The one % of the population owns everything. And these few people currently run our lives. For example. I grew up and was directed that I must get some credit transactions to form a credit rating. Or I couldn't purchase anything of real value. That is kind of screwy huh?

So little Elon. You are right the occupy movement is associated with members of socialism and some are union members. But those members are still a part of humanity whether you invite them into your house or not. They are part of the 99%.

But so I believe are you. What if .... people were really given in pay what their percentage contribution to their company really amounted too. Haven't you ever done things for say $20 an hour. And the company was charging the client $1000 an hour?

What if you consider only that they are truly the only democracy left in this world?

Put them down and I'll be watching a world war.


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